This congress is a special occasion for coming back together, sharing with each other what has been accomplished so far, all the developments in which we all have been actively involved and what we can carry with us for the next decade.

It has been amazing to see how EMDR evolved in Europe and internationally. Every day there have been new things to learn, new perspectives to integrate, new opportunities and innovations to discover.These have been very exciting years. Scientific research, our clinical practice, our training standards, the growth of our Association, have developed side by side throughout the years.

This has brought us to increase our application of EMDR and to disseminate its effectiveness amongst the public, mental health professionals, institutions, stakeholders, universities and third parties. We have received tremendous feedback from our clients, encouraging us to grow, innovate and work on our capacity to respond to new needs.

We have achieved so much: publications, research studies, evidence-based outcomes, best practices, as well as being included in the major international guidelines. This congress will give us an opportunity to capitalize our knowledge and turn it into action.

EMDR Europe has significantly contributed to general knowledge about trauma and clinical work with different vulnerable populations in many fields. EMDR Europe reached the number of 25.000 members. We are still very much impressed by this growth because this stands for many lives being helped, promoting long-term mental health and prevention.

This year we have invited as keynote speakers international researchers and authors who are leaders in the field of trauma and EMDR therapy. We included in the program symposia where colleagues from different countries of Europe and outside Europe can share their experiences.

This is how we want to get prepared for the next decade of EMDR, with curiosity, strength, consistency and integrity and at the same time making more efforts to work for understanding and healing from all kinds of trauma and wounds to the self.

This is what will be happening in Dublin, so join us to be part of it ……

Isabel Fernandez
President of EMDR Europe